Glenda And Bob A Wonderful Frisco Wedding Bob and Glenda | A Frisco Texas Wedding

Back in June we brought you the wonderful story of the couple who were just engaged at The Shops at Legacy while we sat there waiting for a client who had stood us up (booo). They we so happy with the beautiful images we captured that evening that they asked us to be their wedding photographers. We were thrilled they wanted us to be there on their special day, and it was indeed a wonderful event. It came off just how they had planned it, small, simple and soon, minus the small part. :)

Bob and Glenda were married right here in Frisco, Texas, at the Stonebriar Community Church. A very convenient location...

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Jessica And Kyle Beautiful Wedding Kansas City Train Station Clocks, Graffiti and Jessica and Kyle’s Wedding

We flew up to Kansas City for yet another destination wedding, this time it was to photograph Jessica and Kyle’s nuptials. We had a great time with wonderful friends and family! Jessica’s dress was amazing. She was an absolutely gorgeous bride and Kyle was looking very sharp in his blues as well. We had so much fun with everyone, from the ride in the RV with the wedding party to the singing and dancing at the reception, good times were had by all! We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to capture such a special day for...

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Glenda And Bob Lovely Engagement Evening Bob and Glenda’s Surprise Engagement | A Prescription for Love

Bob and Glenda were both left with broken hearts after their spouses died from long battles with cancer. Since both shared the same family physician, a "cure" was suggested by Dr. Jones, to mend their hurt and heartache. The doctor wrote Glenda's name and phone number on a prescription pad and told Bob to call her. This resulted in days of hesitation, but after much prayer, Bob decided to follow the doctor's advice and take his "medicine"--- he called Glenda.

After several weeks of phone conversations, they decided to meet for the very first time for Sunday lunch after church. The doctor's remedy seemed to have a positive effect on both. Five months later on June 11, at the Hope Center where Glenda worked, in the lobby in front of the fireplace under the wagon wheel with a large antler chandelier overhead, on one knee Bob asked Glenda...

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Martha And Josh White Rock Lake Engagement Amazing White Rock Lake Engagement with Martha and Josh

Stacia and I met up with Martha and Josh this weekend to take a few engagement photographs. We started out at the dog park on White Rock Lake of all places. My bad, I just saw a parking lot from space on Google Maps and thought, that’ll work! I had no idea how much barking and yipping there would be. Turns out it’s an excellent place to shoot, and you can borrow cute dogs too, if you are so inclined.

Fun was had by all, and we were really lucky with the weather being perfect, and what a gorgeous sunset! We tootled around the lake a bit and found a great little dock to watch the sun hide behind the earth yet another time… was, well…

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Jennifer Nick Tie The Knot Glamorous Stonebriar Country Club Wedding with Jennifer and Nick

The nuptials of Jennifer and Nick occurred on October 10, 2009 at the Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, Texas. The setting was perfect…the ceremony took place overlooking the gorgeous golf greens and with various water features the views were stunning. On top of such an amazing scenery, a string duo added elegance to this classic and intimate wedding. These two were fun-loving, outgoing and all about enjoying their moment of a lifetime. It was a wedding where all who came celebrated this couple...

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Meredith Richard Tie The Knot Magnificent Annunciation Episcopal Church Wedding with Meredith and Richard

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! That is all I can say about this wedding. Meredith and Richard exchanged vows at the Annunciation Episcopal Church in Lewisville, Texas. This church was special to the couple, as Richard’s father was the Officiant and a beautiful garden on the grounds dedicated in loving memory of his mother. It was very easy to see how much love they have for one another. These are two of the most kindhearted and compassionate people, such an amazing duo. The marriage was sealed with a kiss...

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Stephanie Jason Fun Wedding Train Tracks Trendy Train Photography with Stephanie and Jason

This wedding will be one I never forget and here are just a few of the reasons why! Stephanie and Jason are absolutely hilarious people with the best attitudes I have ever seen on the “biggest” day of their lives. You know the saying with weddings that “not everything will go as planned” and you should be prepared to let those things roll off and enjoy the day anyway….well, this is exactly what Jason and Stephanie did. Tyler and I arrived at the South MacArthur Church of Christ in Irving, Texas at approximately 10:30 am, to begin photographing pre-wedding events. The ceremony was scheduled to start at 11:30 am. Our “photo” itinerary for the day, provided by the bride, states she will be at the church at 10:30 am to get ready...

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Gail Richard Wedding Day Fantastic Evening Garland Country Club Wedding with Gail and Richard

In July of 2009, we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Gail and Richard. We arrived at the church early to capture the wedding party getting ready and to take some of the more traditional posed pictures of the guys and then the girls prior to the ceremony itself. Following an old tradition, this couple did not want to see each other until the ceremony. I always love to see the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time; it’s such an emotional moment. They proclaimed their love for one another by exchanging vows at the United Methodist Church of Garland. It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards everyone headed to the reception, which was held at the Eastern Hills Country Club of Garland...

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Tara Ryan Big Day Amazing Couple Marine Ryan asked and Tara Said Yes

Stacia and I had a great time being part of Tara and Ryan’s big day. They are an amazing couple and so much fun to be around. Thanks again guys for having us, and a BIG thank you to Ryan for your service...

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Karen Rob Tulsa Wedding Happy Weekend Tulsa Wedding for Good Friends Karen and Rob

Stacia and I were invited to Tulsa this weekend to take part in and shoot Karen and Rob’s wedding weekend. We had a blast, and I am so glad I got to be part of it. Congrats guys...

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Kim Bob Wedding Old School Fun Awesome Chestnut Square McKinney Wedding with Kim and Bob

So my coach and keeper tied the knot this weekend, and Stacia and I were there to capture the whole thing. It was a lot of fun, and the photographs turned out awesome. I tried to make them look old school...

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Angela Jon Wedding Wales Manor Vineyard McKinney Wales Manor Vineyard Wedding with Angela & Jon

Angela and Jon asked us to shoot their wedding at the Wales Manor Vineyard up in McKinney, TX. We had a wonderful time. I love the shots with the horses, who were all to eager to pose for us. They literally ran over to the fence to get in the frame. It was pretty funny!

Congratulations guys, enjoy...

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Whitney Michael Wedding Spectacular Surrey House Whitney and Michael's Wedding in the Rain

A little rain couldn’t lessen this wonderful day. Whitney and Michael tied the knot at the Surrey House, and invited us to be their photographers. We had a wonderful time doing it, and it was a lovely wedding, rain and all. Congrats guys, and thanks again for having...

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Ashley Nathan Wedding Day Chestnut Square Dancing Ashley and Nathan Wed

We shot Ashley and Nathan’s nuptials at Chestnut Square this weekend. It was a perfect day, all the way around. The sky kept threatening to open up on us, but it thankfully never did, and everything went according to plan. Nathan even laughed (a little) at Stacia’s Brother’s joke, “Everything went off without a hitch, except the one!”. Thanks again guys for having us, we really enjoyed it...

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Heather Wedding Day Fantastic Lovely Heather and Robert's Wedding Day

On the afternoon of March 28, 2009, we arrived at the Oakmont Country Club in Corinth, Texas to photograph the celebration of marriage between Heather and Robert. We captured the bride and her maids while hair and make-up was being done, along with the groom and his men hanging out, telling jokes and doing what guys do. While the guys were goofing off, the ladies we making sure that Heather looked her best, with a few...

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Mara and Kyle Country Club Wonderful Groom Kyle and Mara Wedding Mara and Kyle Get Married!

This is sure to be a wedding we will never forget. One thing a photographer must have in order to capture great images is…..LIGHT! The afternoon of this wedding, we arrived a little earlier than normal, and it’s a good thing we did. The country club had lost power, along with the surrounding neighborhoods. Thankfully, all of the posed pictures were being taken prior to the ceremony. The deck just off of the location of the ceremony turned out to be a great place to photograph the wedding party, friends and family. The late afternoon light was perfect for capturing moments that will last a lifetime for this bride and groom.

As we were taking posed pictures, we were beginning to panic about the lighting for the ceremony, but we were not alone. There was a band that needed power for keyboards and lights for the dance floor. A fully staffed kitchen that had food that was to be prepared, not to mention, how would anyone see the ceremony, as it would be dark? The country club staff had sent out employees to purchase massive amounts of candles and holders of sorts to create light inside where the ceremony was to take place. We strategized about where we could set up remote lights to ensure we captured at least some images...

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Mara And Kyle Funny Cute Engagement Mara and Kyle's Goofy Engagement Session

Kyle is a good friend of mine and coincidently, is one of many reasons that I am a professional photographer; you can read more on that at “about us”. Stacia and I met up with Kyle and Mara at the Prestonwood Country Club, The Hills, in Plano, Texas for their engagement shoot. It seemed to be an appropriate location, as the wedding is to be held here just over a month.

This cute and fun loving couple, frolicked through the golf greens, up and down the hills, and down by the water. While they were playful, we captured moments of laughter and love. As the sun set, we caught some true “Kyle & Mara” moments, them, being themselves...

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