Most high school kids these days are busier than a hive of bees. If they’re not on the field, then they’re in a study hall. If they’re not in study hall then they’re at work or running to a club meeting or a student council. It’s very obvious that today’s generation is doing their best to excel and to stand out among the crowd. But why? One word: scholarships.

And the talented Senior Model Rep Jocelynn Livingston has proven herself worthy of one. Not surprisingly, it can be very difficult to find a school you like and have them pay you to attend. But as a naturally talented volleyball player, Jocelynn put in a little elbow grease and focused her determined attitude and it paid off. She scored a fantastic volleyball scholarship to Truman State University, and we hear the coach is more than excited to see Jocelynn in action next year!

Coming from Heritage High School, we knew that Jocelynn would already know a few models on our team, but we weren’t expecting them to all already be friends. As we walked with Jocelynn around Downtown McKinney, she told our team that since she plays club volleyball, she knew about half of our team! We just might need to start our own volleyball club.

Never very afraid (unless around large spiders), Jocelynn posed in the middle of a few streets, and although she wasn’t run over, people stopped to watch the gorgeous senior snap a few photos before carrying on with their afternoon. This senior is so wonderful, stunning, and talented that she literally stopped traffic!

We’re excited to have Jocelynn on our team and we are even more excited to see how her senior year folds out.



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