This was an amazing year for our Team. We had an abundance of magnificent, talented, and wonderful seniors come into our studio and our hearts. We can’t thank our 2016 senior model reps enough for sharing their senior year with our studio, and for going on the many, many sessions with us!

Between the laughs, the bug bites, and the weird weather, we can’t be happier with the way our 2016 seniors looked at their sessions. We traveled all over DFW with them, from the north side of Denton to the southern area of Dallas, it was a blast and an adventure every time. We got lost in the woods, walked miles across downtown, climbed up fire escapes (much to Macy’s terror), tramped through fields, crossed railroad tracks, traversed creeks, and had countless moments of joy and experience.

We could not love our 2016 seniors more, and although they are heading off to their newest adventure, it was such a pleasure to get to be able to memorialize a small piece of their lives as they are now. Our seniors are heading off to colleges nationwide. Some are going to be amazing athletes others are heading out to be doctors, scientists, engineers, and artists. Although we are sad to see them go, we know that the world is going to be a better place because of this awesome group!

To our seniors: good luck, we will miss you, and don’t forget about the little people when you make it big! SKA16


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