When Hannah walked into our studio with an arm full of her personal sketchbooks, we knew we were about to have a super fun photoshoot! This talented artist just graduated from Fairhill High School, and there is no mistaking the passion she has put into her work! While she was settling in, we were able to look through a few of Hannah’s awesome drawings before we jumped into our studio to start off her seniority session – and let us tell you, we wish we had half the talent Hannah does!

After we made some fun indoor photos, we packed up and trekked out to the urban location of Deep Ellum, Texas! Since Hannah is super artistic and fun, this location was the perfect fit for her North Dallas senior photos. Hannah, her family, and our team made our way up and down the streets of Deep Ellum, admiring murals, enjoying the fresh air, and also people watching! We also got to hear some fun family stories along the way, as they frequent the Deep Ellum area! Hannah and our team also nerded out about Stranger Things, a Netflix Original Series that is a horror sci-fi based in the 80’s.

We came across some interesting things that evening to say the least! It was the Saturday before Easter, and a group of people dressed as SCARY Easter bunnies looked as though they might photobomb Hannah’s photos, but our team made sure to deter them with some lame jokes and a smile!

After we got away from the scary bunnies, it was smooth sailing until the sun eventually went down for the evening. We had some awesome weather, with even better company, and had a blast making photos with Hannah!



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