When is it the best time to see mermaids in Texas? Well – mostly all year because it’s nearly always hot, but we’re going to go with the summer because North Texas seniors Reese, Angela, and Gabby allowed us to play with their hair and makeup in order to turn them into mystifying mermaids!

With the help of jewelry designer and stylist, Myrna Phillips, our team was able to satisfy our craving for a gorgeous and colorful mermaid photo shoot! Myrna’s unique designs really pulled together the mermaid leggings and the lovely crowns made by one of our team members, Ashley!

Although we did meet a grumpy fisherman – we think he was just jealous that HE didn’t get to be a mermaid - our shoot went off without a hitch. We did get a little worried when our models slipped a few times, but thankfully there were no falls or bruises to be seen. Our senior model reps even let us get their hair wet at the end of this North Texas photo shoot to really seal the deal on the mermaid look.

Our team is so lucky to have AMAZING seniors who will let us go wild with their makeup for fun photo shoots like this, just check out the Zombie Encounter and the Rock N' Roll Shoot we had in 2015, or even the Mad Max inspired photo shoot we had earlier this year with old cars and smoke bombs! With such a great group of models, what more can a photographer ask for?

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Which one is your favorite?