The three things you need to look like a cross country star!


#1: Have a lot of patience!

Angry screams pierced the cool autumn air. Cheyenne tried her best to keep a smile on her face, but the wailing screams only kept getting louder. Right as the noise reached its peak, Tyler shouted ‘got it!’ and Cheyenne burst into a fit of giggles.

Our team was photographing Heritage High School senior, Cheyenne Allison for her DFW senior portraits at the beautiful Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and we were not the only photographers taking advantage of the gorgeous autumn weather. On the other side of the running path from us, there was a family of five desperately trying to convince their youngest to sit with her brothers. Unfortunately, the pom pom the father was using was not entertaining the toddler – not even in the slightest. Trying our best to keep a straight face, we sinfully giggled at the situation, but realized that this was one of those funny stories that those parents would be able to tell the kids about when they were older, and have the pictures to prove it.

#2: Be one of the best in the state!

Having found our studio through Meghan Alvarez, Cheyenne and her mother, who is also named Meghan, met us in our studio to kick off her senior portrait session. We noticed how perfect her makeup looked, and Cheyenne told us that she had went to MAC and had it done for her portrait session with us! Cheyenne also told us that she was on the Cross Country team at Heritage High School, and they had just gotten back from State recently! She had even saved every bib that she’d ran with during her time as a cross country runner, and showed off her shiny collection of medals.

"TYLER R. BROWN IS AWESOME! The staff was so fun and friendly, taking senior pictures was so much fun! If you want your senior pictures to turn out the best, I'd most definitely recommend him! I LOVE TYLER R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY!" - Cheyenne Allison

When Tyler heard that Cheyenne would be attending OSU next fall, he was ecstatic to hear that our model was going to his alma-mater. He ran out of the room for a few moments and reappeared with an OSU toboggan hat with a bright orange pom pom on the top! Giggling, Cheyenne donned the hat and allowed us to take some fun photographs of her playing with it!

#3: Be super smart!

Not only is Cheyenne an amazing athlete, she is extremely intelligent too! Cheyenne was chosen earlier this year to be a student ambassador as well as elected to serve on Heritage’s student council! We learned these things while trying to keep up with Cheyenne as she climbed through the back end of the creek at Arbor hills – let’s just say that Macy did pretty well with keeping all of the equipment dry (her shoes? Not so much).

We can definitely say that this photo shoot was a memorable one, and we are excited to watch Cheyenne run off into her future! (Get it? ‘Run’ – because she was a cross country runner? No? Ok...)


Which one is your favorite?