Charis comes to us from Allen High School and was a model for a day. We kicked off her shoot in studio, with lots of shoes! This girl loves her shoes and she wasn’t afraid to bring them. After packing up our gear, we headed out to Adriatica Village, McKinney, Texas. We wandered around the village capturing Charis’ personality with a multitude of backdrops.

Next stop, Dallas West End… Driving down the road, with Charis and parents following, we spot some old farm equipment in a pasture just off the road. We were on the brakes and off roading; this was an opportunity we were not going to miss out on! Old rusted out farm equipment, weeds and tall grasses, large open field, long-standing fence line, golden sun…add gorgeous girl, and walk away with absolutely stunning photographs! Best.detour.ever!

Okay, now really, on to the West End. Arriving just as the sunset, we took advantage of every chance we could to capture backdrops before we lost all natural light. However, we happened to be going for the after-dark look. We made the rounds down N. Market Street, where trees are wrapped with lights. These lights, along with our strobes, well, her beauty just radiates. We ended this models session in an alley with neon lights.

Thank you, Charis, for allowing us to take endless pictures and being such a great model! We wish you well and continued success as you head off to college at UNT. Charis is looking just as good on her personal page, check it out.


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