There are a few things Texas is known for. We are known for crazy weather, everything being bigger and better, and most certainly our barbecue. But what about the people who make that delicious BBQ possible?

Meet Senior Model Rep Brooke Williams. Brooke, who is a senior this fall at Lone Star High School, runs her very own cattle business which she started at the young age of 12 when her grandparents bought her her first cow. Brooke, being a very forward business woman now owns upwards of 15 beef cattle that hang around on her family’s land that is just past Celina, Texas.

The two cows featured in this mini session are mother and son! The momma cow, June, is Brooke’s current show cow and has won a lot of prizes! The calf’s name is Tuff, and he’s the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi! We pranced around with Tuff and convinced June to lay off the grass just long enough to catch some moments with her and Brooke near the AG Barn in Frisco, Texas where the high schoolers who participate in FFA keep their animals.

We can’t wait to see what this entrepreneur brings to the table, and we’re so excited to be taking her senior pictures!


Which one is your favorite?