With a world full of pixels, anything is possible. This is one of the many reasons why Liberty Christian Academy High School senior, Dante, wants to go to school next year to study to become a game developer! We had the pleasure of working with Dante for his senior photos and we learned quite a bit about this wonderful north Dallas senior!

Dante is the kind of guy who not only loves video games, but has a very strong faith as well. Active with his church and a leader for youth group, Dante loves spreading the word of God and praying with his family. He is also an avid animal lover, and sadly lost one of his cats earlier this year, but he keeps the memory of her by hanging her collar off of his review window.

The Cross family is full of talent, and one of our favorite things about them was how laid back they can be! Dante, encouraged by his mom, Sheila, even wore a pair of pajama pants covered in bacon for part of his senior photo shoot! He also brought some of his favorite items from his t-shirt and sock collection – of our team’s favorites being the ‘otter’ shirt!

We explored the train yard and downtown Frisco while Dante donned his awesome LCA letter jacket, and talked for a while about different opinions about super heroes, Star Wars, and the new movies that are coming out of our favorite comics and video games! It certainly was a ton of fun and we loved working with such an open senior!


Which one is your favorite?