When you have as many volleyball players as we do on our Senior Model Rep Team – you have to have a volleyball themed session!

Rachel Rhoades, Chelsea Roemer, and Gabi Norsworthy joined us in the studio for a fun and quick session surrounding their favorite game. You should recognize all of these gorgeous young ladies as they have been in multiple shoots with us. Rachel’s been in the Summer Florals Session earlier this year, as well as the recent Winter session, and of course for her personal session! Chelsea graced us for both the Summer Florals shoot and the Boho session as well as her personal session at Downtown Plano. Gabi joined us for not only her personal session in Downtown McKinney, but for the Fall Fashion session with friend and fellow volleyball player, Jocelynn Livingston – who would have been with us if she had not been sick.

Gabi and the other girls showed off their skills by completing a bump/set/spike (or at least we think that’s what it’s called!) and told our team how much they loved to play together! There was absolutely no awkwardness since these awesome models have gotten to know each other over the year, and Rachel and Gabi know each other from club volleyball.

Even though we missed the beautiful Jocelynn, we had a great time with our volleyball stars and we chatted about school and everyone’s plans for next year! We can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we’ve met these amazing young women and although we are sad to see them go, we know they’re going to do great things!



Which one is your favorite?