Balloons, sunflowers, and the smell of fried chicken were all present at our fantastic senior portrait shoot with Lyssa Stevens!

We met Lyssa and her mother, Staci, outside of Babe’s Chicken in Frisco, Texas. Lyssa is a senior this year at Liberty Christian High School. She is a member of the yearbook staff and on the dance team! This blonde beauty also enjoys doing hair and makeup, she’s good at it too….we have the photos to prove it!

We always try to bring a prop or two on our shoots, and for this one, we brought along a few balloons! At one point we nearly left them behind tied to a tree. After some very glamorous and rustic shots, we said goodbye to the delectable smell of fried chicken, and headed back towards the studio. We did not make it very far, though, because we spied a sunflower field and decided to stop off to take a few flower photos! Lyssa very bravely jumped right into the tall flowers and we even caught her smelling a few!

As we were trekking back to the car, Lyssa tells us that she wanted to re-enact a photo that was taken of her at school in Kindergarten. Staci pulls out a Red Rider’s wagon from the trunk of their car and showed us the image we were tasked to recreate! The photo of Lyssa was so precious and we were able to mimic it exactly!

We wrapped her shoot back at the studio, where we had Lyssa jumping for joy with our red back drop and our “I’m Done!” prop! She seemed ecstatic to be done, or almost done, with High School and maybe her shoot too.

It was a wonderful day filled with great photographs, and we could not have been more pleased to have such phenomenal pictures of this lovely young lady!


Which one is your favorite?