Whether you are a TRB senior, TRB newborn/baby, or a family, we have your guide on what to wear! Below you will find tips, tricks, and plenty of inspiration given to you by our past clients and their amazing fashion sense!


TRB seniors have all the fun! Because you have your very own session, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your outfits and style. Do you prefer the fun trends that come with spring like our past seniors Kelsey, Haley, and Kristin? Or maybe you’re a lover of summer styles like TRB Model Reps Morgan and Mandi. You might enjoy a cool breeze and fall fashion along with Raven, Georgia and Carly. Or it’s possible you’re one of the rare beauties that prefers the cool kiss of winter like 2016 seniors, Leslie, Taylor and our handsome Jeep owner, Devin. Whatever your style, we have you covered when it comes to ideas and inspiration for your session!


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When it comes to families, the goal is to complement each other without being too “matchy matchy” as one may say. Start with one outfit that you love and select outfits for the rest of the family that work well with that particular outfit. For spring, it’s always fun to go with soft patterns and bright colors for the girls while keeping the boys in more neutral colors. Be sure to use colors that compliment each other like the Evans family during our studio session. In the heat of the summer, you will most likely prefer outfits that are light such as whites, linens or pastels. Or, if you prefer the fall, we suggest simple and comfortable. Dresses with tights and sweaters with pants are great options for the girls, while a simple collared shirt and jacket with jeans is a classic look for the boys. If you're a fan of pairing blue and white with denim together, check out our winter session with the Underwood family.


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So sweet and precious, newborn babies are traditionally photographed in the nude much like our adorable models L.J. and Catherine. We love to see that fresh baby skin, and to get all of the wrinkles and rolls that come with having a healthy baby! However; we know that not all parents are comfortable having photos of their babies with nothing on, so we also provide beautiful and soft wraps to create that artistic look that everyone desires. Our cute baby models, Hannah and Enzo, can give you a good idea of what our wraps look like You're baby should definitely be comfortable for their session, and no worries - we have plenty of pee pads!


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As your child develops a personality his or her wants and needs change. Whether they love fashion or prefer to run around with no pants on, we love to capture your crazy kid in whatever way possible! We recommend outfits that aren't too tight or hard to take on or off as a grumpy infant makes for (sometimes) a bad photo! For some good examples, check out Lochlyn and Alayna!


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Not enough? Shoot us a text at (972) 910-2246 or email us images of your outfit choices and we'll let you know what we think!

For more ideas on what to wear to your session, check out our blog or take a look at our Facebook page!



Holly Arbuckle

Holly Arbuckle had a blast during her senior session

"So happy to have found Tyler R. Brown Photography! They did an AMAZING job on my daughter's senior pictures. Holly doesn't really like to have her picture taken and is a little uncomfortable being the center of attention, but Tyler put he r at ease right away and we actually had a great time during her session! I was just hoping for a few good shots, but when it came time to preview their work...we were literally overwhelmed with great choices. There were so many that we really loved! Thankfully, Stacia was there to guide us in our selections...making sure we had a nice variety of poses and giving advice on which poses worked best in the different sizes. I would have been lost without her. Our prints are beautiful...we could not have been happier! Go see Tyler and Stacia...you won't be disappointed." - Jan Arbuckle

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Jordan Whittle

Jordan leans against a small tree at Luscombe Farm in Anna, Texas.

"Tyler R. Brown did AMAZING on my senior pictures! We had so much fun during the session (even though it was 40°!). The entire team kept the session entertaining and successful! I wouldn't of wanted to do my senior portraits with anyone else!" - Jordan Whittle

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