A gallant yell emerged from our studio as Liberty High School senior, Ethan Luman, roared into the camera followed by laughter as our team roared along with him. We had Ethan’s session at White Rock Lake, where we met Ethan and his mother Cara for his Dallas senior portrait session. Ethan is the eldest of four with a younger sister and twin younger brothers who he says always put smiles on his face.

It was an unseasonably warm day, and we were taking full advantage of it along with other Dallas natives who were jogging along the gorgeous paths lined with fall colored trees. One gentleman was sporting some bright orange running shorts, and Ethan, being outgoing, waved him down to let him know “how awesome” he thought the man’s shorts were, which we believed made the man’s day!

Being so outgoing can attract more than just humans though, as we found out when our team made an unexpected friend. As we were photographing Ethan near the kayak port, we noticed a goose making its way towards us. Unfortunately, one of our team members is not a fan of geese, and this particular fowl chose to follow her around, which eventually turned into a game of cat and mouse, or really a game of girl and goose!

As we made our way around White Rock Lake, we came upon a playground that also doubled as a workout area for Ethan as he got pumped up with a few chin-ups! We had a great time with Ethan and his mother, Cara, during his senior photo session. We look forward to watching him grow and are excited to see what adventures fill his future!

To see and read more about Ethan, head over to his Seniority page!



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