Long hair, high cheek bones, and piercing brown eyes are just a few of the things that make Tia Nayar a beautiful person! She is not only extremely glamorous, she’s very giving – Tia spends a lot of her free time volunteering in her community, coaching younger athletes, and tutoring other students at Liberty High School, in Frisco, Texas.

The volleyball all-star was awarded the title of Captain her junior year at Liberty High School, and when we asked her what her college plans were during our shoot at the Shops of Legacy she told us: “I am looking to get a volleyball scholarship! I haven’t narrowed down the list yet.”

Such a talented volleyball player, Tia was the only freshman on her volleyball team in 2010, and won Offensive Player of the Year by leading her team in kills and blocks. They qualified for state, and were recognized as an All Texas Team Honoree by Lonestar.com as well as making the American Volleyball Coaches Association Phenom List for 2012 and 2013, and also named the 2013 All Texas Team as a Player to Watch!

Tyler Brown and his staff are absolutely AMAZING!!! Everyone is incredibly FRIENDLY and his artistic genius makes for PHENOMENAL pictures. I had the best time working with him as a 2014-2015 senior model rep. If you haven't signed up for your session yet, you are missing out!! :)

We learned that Tia is not only an outstanding athlete, she is also a stand-up student! She was recently honored with a membership to the National Honor Society and takes AP courses to prep her for her collegiate future. Tia told us while perched atop a hay bale we had found that she is looking at majoring in Biology or Kinesiology, and then heading on to chiropractic school!

It was getting pretty windy as we continued Tia’s senior portrait session at Mount Zion Cemetery – a very popular spot and beautiful location despite its somewhat morbid name. Getting tired of the wind blowing her hair into her face, Tia told us of her plans to cut off her luscious locks and donate them to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for underprivileged children who have lost their hair due to all medical diagnoses. Locks of Love is close to one of our staff’s hearts as it helped a good friend of hers who had Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes the individual’s hair to not grow or fall out. We recently spoke to Tia, and she was able to donate 14+ inches since our senior portrait session with her!

Tyler R. Brown Photography could not be any more pleased that we have this remarkable and stunning senior as one of our Senior Model Reps, and we are excited to see where Tia’s life takes her next!

If you liked these photos, read and see more about Tia on her Seniority Page!



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