Lauren Johnson and Savannah Rutherford didn’t really know each other at the beginning of their shoot – but it soon became apparent that the world is a small place when they realized that they actually did know each other!

Lauren’s best friend is actually Savannah’s cousin! What’s even more interesting is that Lauren lives in Oklahoma, and Savannah is a Frisco local. Our team laughed in astonishment when the girls finally made the connection to one another and as we walked around Addison Circle we could see their bond forming.

A new location for us, Addison Circle is quite the place to take photos. Gorgeous and clean, the circle gave our Senior Model Reps a place to play in the fountains and to dog watch all of the cute puppies that we’re on their evening walk! Savannah and Lauren decided it was too hot and that they needed to cool off so the crazy duo jumped into the fountains and splashed around in the cool water.

It was definitely a great end to a hot day and our readers should keep a look out for these two lovely ladies’ senior shoots coming up soon!



Which one is your favorite?