To say that seniors Alana and Lauren are opposites is a bit of an overstatement. Although the wacky friends are different, you can tell within the first few seconds of seeing them together that they fit each other’s personalities like a glove.

Kicking off the session with a sweet gift for her best friend, Alana showed us the adorable ying and yang necklace that she bought for her and Lauren. We conspired with her to surprise Lauren with the necklace and with a little bit of sneaking, we succeeded in capturing the moment between the two. With a few happy tears shed, we followed these awesome seniors around Downtown Prosper on what was a gorgeous spring day.

Lauren and Alana had planned their outfits to be opposite of one another, while matching in fashion. Alana told our team that they had planned this as their worlds were very different, but that’s what made them such amazing friends. Alana is a huge fan of reading and cosplaying, while Lauren is a cheerleader. But don’t let their stereotypes fool you – these girls are joined at the hip and were a blast to be around!

Every photo we took was a fun one, as even the serious poses didn’t stay serious for long! One of them would always bust out laughing or poke the other and our team couldn’t help but laugh along with them! It was a fantastic session and our cheeks were hurting from smiling by the end of it!


Which one is your favorite?