Brooke Harden is the perfect mixture of talent and beauty. With an amazing skill on the soccer field, Brooke has been a force to be reckoned with from a young age and when she reached high school she gained a spot on a prestigious team that plays overseas against European teams each summer. But instead of just sticking to soccer to fill her time, Brooke is also an avid fashionista.

At our Urban Denim shoot earlier in the summer, Brooke impressed our team with her fashion knowledge as well as makeup skills. We could tell from her posing and accessories that her personal shoot was going to be a blast! And it was.

We began in our studio with Brooke’s parents, Christine and Greg, helping their gorgeous daughter put some jewelry on after one of our in house stylists primped and primed Brooke. Striving to be organized, Brooke’s mom had cut out photos and glued them to giant boards as a shot list! Our team was excited and hung them in our studio for inspiration.

After playing with the soccer balls for a bit, we headed out to Watters Creek in Allen. This Heritage High School Senior strutted her stuff on the cute shop ridden streets and even had a few fans along the way! While we were walking around, Brooke told us that she was nervous to get her ACL operated on, but she was excited to be able to continue playing soccer. She has since made a full recovery and can still kick the ball better than our team can!

We had a great time with Brooke and her parents and we cannot wait to see how her senior year unfolds.



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